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Hällsviksbadet is a cove in Torslanda with a sandy seabottom, raft with jumping tower, slide, kiosk, portable toilet, wooden balcony and club house. Badviken is looked after by Hällsvik Sports Association (HIF) which also pays for the facilities at the bathing area in Hällsvik. 


The swimming instructor's teaching is across the bay in a 50 m long course with a depth of 0.5-1.5 m. The water temperature is usually between 18-23 degrees. 


A membership fee to HIF is added to the fee for the summer swimming school, which is paid separately to HIF.  When booking swimming school in a group or more than 5 private lessons, annual membership is SEK 250 for a family, SEK 100 for a single household/pensioner, while single private lessons up to 5 per year are paid with a one-off contribution (SEK 25) per lesson.


See full price list for membership in Simlärans conditions.

Schedule summer 2024

Summer swimming school start week 27


Private lessons 14.00-3 p.m

Baddare 15.00-15.30

Dopping 15.30-16.00

Octopus 16.00-16.30

Frog 16.30-17.00

Seal 17.30-18.00

Buoy 18.00-18.30

Shark 18.30-19.00

Candidate 19.00-19.40

Private lessons 19.45-20.30

Summer swimming school start week 32-33


Baddare 14.00-14.30

Crawl 6 v32 Crawl 2 v 33 14.30-15.00

Dopping 15.00-15.30

Octopus 15.30-16.00

Frog 16.00-16.30

Seal 17.00-17.30

Buoy 17.30-18.00

Shark 18.00-18.30

Crawl 3 v32 Crawl 1 v33 18.30-19.00

Candidate v32 Master v 33 19.00-19.40

Private lessons 19.45-20.30



Hällsviksvägen 53,

439 23 Torslanda

Routines in Hällsviksbadet

We gather in the same place before and after the swimming lesson. In stormy weather/strong wind/rain we gather inside the clubhouse, but in sunny weather we gather on the wooden balcony in front of the clubhouse. It is important that all students gather at the blanket where the lesson started to return the floating pads and have a joint ending.


If a student needs to go to the toilet or for other reasons wants to interrupt/pause the lesson, the parent or the person who came with the student to the lesson meets the student and takes them to the portable toilet. Therefore, it is important that you sit accessible on the mountain/rocks and hear/see if the swimming instructor signals about this. It is recommended that the student goes to the toilet before the lesson and uses sunscreen in sunny weather.  

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