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About Simläran

Swimming is a gentle form of exercise where knowledge can help save lives. It is against this foundation that the goal of the Simläran's teaching is to achieve swimming skills. Lesson time is devoted to swimming with few flotation aids and includes exercises that favor swimming technique such as jumping, floating and breathing. Simläran also offer a wide range of life rescue training for young and old alike! 


Each student's unique abilities are encouraged and Simläran seeks to create a safe and encouraging environment for learning. Everyone is welcome to participate in the activities, which are imbued with an equality perspective. The starting point in teaching is always the individual, and the basis of Simläran's pedagogy is to strengthen the student's self-confidence and to arouse desire and curiosity to learn. 

The students receive the same swimming teacher every lesson who, with over 12 years of experience in the profession, adapts the teaching to what will give the best long-term results. As a regular customer, you can book swimming school in small groups at lower prices. Simläran also offers a sibling discount on group lessons in the pool. 

Teaching can be booked in Swedish or English. All swimming courses in groups end with a festive final class with student presentation of skills learned, awarding of badges and diplomas and sweets! At the summer swimming school, we also have a master's badges ceremony and sausage barbecue. 


Jessie founded and runs Simläran. She was trained as a Swimming Instructor via the Swedish Life Rescue Society (SLS) in 2012. 

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Fantastic swimming teacher with all the focus on the children. Very educational and so good with the children and their different personalities.
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